Is your world coming undone? Is your sky full of clouds? Thinking it’s time to leave home? You might need a little advice—or maybe a completely different point of view.


Artist-author Cooper Edens has advice for anyone who feels like they’re in a quandary, trying to get from a sticky “now” to a lower-stress tomorrow.


His new “One More Star” App based on his classic book, “If You’re Afraid of the Dark.... Add One More Star to the Night,” is an introduction to Cooper’s world—how he looks at day-to-day reality from a slightly different point-of-view. Like Cooper says, “If you don’t like what you see in front of you….use your peripheral vision.”


The app expands the upbeat, provocative message, while helping us look sideways at what we think of as “reality”. From that new point of view, a problem might just become a possibility.


Share it with a loved one, or save it for your private time. It’s an app that creates memories.


Ages: Older romantics to younger readers.

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